Our goal each day is to teach our athletes the value of commitment, hard work, integrity, leadership, self-confidence, a positive attitude and a love for the sport. Each and every family is important to us and our program. You will not get lost in the crowd or feel like just another number. You will, however, be a part of the greatest all-star family in the state and truly be “One of a Kind”.

 CEA Experiences

My daughter has been cheering for demi for 3 seasons now. She has worked hard with Breeaunna . Bree was very attached to me and shy didn't wanna go class some days but demi was so amazing with her and they have a special bond . She is a wonderful person and she just wants to the best for these girls bree started 3 years ago not knowing how to do a cartwheel and now she is doing back walk overs and more and I love how demi sets up parent meeting to go over all information about the season and if we ever have any questions we can always email her I love her program and would recommend all my friend to come to the company she has vision for all these girls and she amazing coach couldn't asked for anything better thanks for everything u do demi 😀💚 -Andrea

We are one big family. The people and staff are always by your side. They are quick. I was on a different cheer company for about 3 years and had none of my skills, I have only been going here for a short while and almost have most of my skills. -Aeryn

Thank you for hosting my daughter’s 3rd birthday party. All of our guests were smiling and laughing. The kids enjoyed an obstacle course, parachute fun, mask making, pizza, cake, and presents. - Alex

Colorado Eclipse is phenomenal! The staff truly has a heart for their athletes. I appreciate that they recognize each athletes’ strengths and weakness, nurturing and growing their strengths while improving and building up their weakness.

Colorado Eclipse empowers and helps build the confidence of my little. We started off at 14months in a mommy/daddy and me class where she learned to jump and tumble, at age 2 we progressed to creative movement where pointy toes and form are important, and now our little at 3 years old is on a cheer team; TEAM, learning to be with others, listens and follows instructions, picking up on timing, and learning cartwheels. All of these skills overwhelm my heart, so much growth in such a short amount of time. It’s exciting!

Thank you, CEA!




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