Coach Demi's biggest goal in life is to inspire young men and women to believe in themselves and know that the sky is NOT the limit! Demi Started Dance at the age of 3 in Greeley Colorado. She was a Company Dancer for Spotlight Dance, The Dance Factory and a gymnast at Theo's Gymnastics. At the age of 13, Demi fell in love with Cheerleading while cheering on her Middle School team (She started). Freshman year, Demi landed a spot on the Varsity Cheer team at University High School. As Junior in High School, Demi learned the importance of hard work while doing a 150 hours of internship at Backstage Pass Dance Studio, Assistant Coaching for Colorado Cheer Company All Stars, Cheering for her School and taking college courses to Graduate high school a year early. Demi's Dance Career took a short break during her six years of service in the Colorado Army National Guard where she worked as a full time Technician with her unit. In 2012 Demi put her coaching shoes back on when she became the O'Connell Middle School Cheer Coach. Since then, Demi has coached the Lakewood Rec Cheerleading and Gymnastics, Dunstan Middle School Cheerleading, Green Mountain Poms, Commerce City Dance and Gymnastics as well as an assistant at Dancetech Training Center. Demi was also a dancer for the Co Eagles 2013. Coaching is by far Demi's passion, but she is continuously improving her own Dance and Cheer skills and her level of Experience!  She is a FIRM believer of showing by example!!!




Brittany was born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado and attended Coronado High School. She is 22 years old fourth year student, going five years at UNC working towards a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry with a minor in Brewing Sciences. She cheered and competed at the high school level through out all four years of high school. After moving to Greeley for college, and taking a break from the sport for a couple years, she found Colorado Eclipse. This is Brittany's first year coaching at Colorado Eclipse and she is working hard to be in the gym and learning as much as she can as a coach. She hopes to give to her athletes what her coaches and the sport has given to her. Her goal is to create an environment where all athletes can be themselves and reach their full potential.

Kristina grew up in a small town near Colorado Springs. Raised in a family full of dancers, her older sisters inspired her to dance and sparked a passion from her first lessons. She began dancing at the age of three with Starr Mountain Dance Center. Beginning with ballet, Kristina learned more and more styles until she was in a class for every genre of dance. At the age of 13, Kristina found her home at corner street Dance under the direction of Elyse Clarke. The studio fostered and encouraged Kristina's growth as a dancer. Her love for instructing sprouted when she became an assistant instructor for pre-ballet classes. Eventually, Kristina began to substitute teach and then became an official instructor summer of 2013. In her time at CornerStreet, Kristina was also a member of their competitive dance team. She performed several principal roles such as Sugar Plum Fairy in the Nutcracker and Odette in Swan Lake and danced several featured roles for original competition pieces. She hopes to spread her love and passion for dance to her students so that they may share and pass on her knowledge to other young, future dancers.




Olivia has been dancing for 15 years, she was on her varsity high school pom team for four years  and cheered for 4 years. She danced at a studio in littleton colorado. She hase gone to nationals 4 times for Tap and Lyrical. She has also cheered at peak athletics! When she was there they went to nationals 2 times in california.

She loves working with kids from ages 2-18! She finds joy in seeing them grow as dancer and people! She hase experience in teaching hip-hop, tap, jazz, poms, lyrical, ballet and cheer.She is able to Choreographing full routines to a high standard form beginners right through to advanced student. She choreographed top scoring dances.  

She is a very fun dance teacher but works hard.She finds joy in seeing them kids grow as dancer and people! She strives for kids to reach their full potential and follow their dreams.



Coach Heather’s cheerleading career began her freshmen year of high school.  She found joy in helping teammates and leading them to success as their captain her senior year. Football games were her favorite to cheer at and she loved getting the crowd to cheer for their home team in unison. After high school, Heather created an after-school cheer program for youth at a local elementary school. One day, God started opening doors for her left and right; there were many opportunities, but none seemed to fit her goals and aspirations.  When she was offered a position to coach at Colorado Eclipse, her dreams started falling into place.  Her passion was finally able to be expressed and her dreams made a reality. This passion carries over to her everyday life; she is always trying to cheer people on and make the best of every situation regardless of the falls and drops.  She loves being able to make a person’s dull day just a little bit brighter. Coach Heather has a passion for helping young men and women achieve their dreams, and in the process she is reaching her own. Heather’s ultimate goal in life is to make a difference in as many lives as she possibly can. She is always upbeat, brings a good attitude into every atmosphere she is in, and tries to bring a smile to every face that is in her company. Because of this passion for cheer and dance, Heather is dedicated to continuous learning opportunities. She wants to be the best that she can be. If she expects a student to tumble a certain way, or perfect a stunt, she wants to be able to demonstrate the skill herself.  As a coach, she intends to do just that, COACH. 


She intends to bring every athlete to their full potential, create passion for cheer, promote self-confidence, and encourage each individual to be a better human being. Rain or Shine, Win or Lose, she will always be there to cheer you on.





I am a 17 year old senior at Frontier Academy High School. I have 6 years of cheerleading background and the 2017-18 season will be my seventh consecutive year of cheerleading. My love for cheer began in sixth grade and has grown so much since then. This is my second year of being a coach for Colorado Eclipse and I am looking forward to learning even more about the all-star world and more about what it takes to be a coach for this industry. I love Colorado Eclipse because it’s a second home to me. Miss Demi always inspires me to reach for my dreams no matter how big they are. I love working for such an amazing company that teaches kids hard work and dedication.