The staff at Colorado Eclipse are ready to take your tumbler to the next level! We want to help your athlete learn new skills, prepare them for an upcoming audition, or help them have better body awareness. In tumbling, we focus on basic body movement, coordination, and flexibility while strengthening the athlete's body. Through our class, our goal is to help our athletes achieve the ultimate success while teaching sport injury prevention.


Tumbling 1 is for students who have never taken a tumbling class at Colorado Eclipse. We work on the basics while strengthening the athlete and increasing flexibility to prevent injury. This class is great not only for dancers and cheerleaders, but athletes that participate in any sport! Tumbling gives athletes the skill of full body awareness.



Tumbling 2/3 is an advanced class for athletes who have taken tumbling for at least one year and can perform certain skills. We work on increasing overall skill level while strengthening the athlete to prevent injury. Students MUST test to enroll in this class!